There are times when students arrive on campus their freshmen year with little to no knowledge of how to navigate their new world. These videos were designed as a way to help an incoming student [...]

Logos Lost to Time

I don’t know where to put some of my older work. Logos have been something I really miss developing as I’ve gone further in to website design and the video/motion world. Here are a [...]

Business Cards

I don’t hand these out anymore but I  like to think I will soon. Hand letter-pressed by !me!, at Firecracker Press, St. Louis, MO. …Eat it Bateman!    

The Satire of The Social Evil Authority

Highly metaphorical, Deeply stupid Over the last few years I’ve been making unreal brands, comedy bits, and sketches of implied horror. I try to make them funny most of the time. These all spring [...]