Costa Rica

Students travelled to Costa Rica for their spring break to help with free health clinics, learn about medicinal plants of the rainforest, and support the local conservation efforts. Above  is the [...]

The University Experience

Developed for the chancellors address to showcase events of the year. It’s since been included on the universities homepage as a featured video.

Student Teaching

The :30 version of an 8 week project documenting Libbie’s student teaching experience.

STL Speaks

Produced for STL Speaks, an organization focused on building civic engagement in the St. Louis region in fun, innovative ways.

Carla & the Dolls

Carla want’s her dolls but she’s going to need some coin. This is a short film produced with St. Louis comedian and internet sensation Libbie Higgins.

Short and Sweet

This series originally played in :15sec spots for broadcast. The series was then repurposed for digital advertising driving viewers to a landing page with more information about SIUE. What you [...]

The Concrete Canoe

Viewers are then directed to a landing page where they can watch the long-form version of the commercial and see how the project came together.

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