The University Experience

Developed for the chancellors address to showcase events of the year. It’s since been included on the universities homepage as a featured video.

Student Teaching

The :30 version of an 8 week project documenting Libbie’s student teaching experience.

STL Speaks

Produced for STL Speaks, an organization focused on building civic engagement in the St. Louis region in fun, innovative ways.

Carla & the Dolls

Carla want’s her dolls but she’s going to need some coin. This is a short film produced with St. Louis comedian and internet sensation Libbie Higgins.

Short and Sweet

This series originally played in :15sec spots for broadcast. The series was then repurposed for digital advertising driving viewers to a landing page with more information about SIUE. What you [...]

The Concrete Canoe

Viewers are then directed to a landing page where they can watch the long-form version of the commercial and see how the project came together.

The School of Education

A video promoting the school to high school students and undergraduates who may be interested in education, health, and/or human behavior studies.

57 Things

This was initially developed as a single video to introduce incoming freshmen to the variety of things to do around campus. It quickly became clear it would make a great addition to the [...]

Putty Presents

Putty is a group ambitiously merging improv, sketch and performance art in a live show format. Shiny Machine worked with Putty to develop a lead-in video to their shows along with a series of [...]

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